Ensure operational excellence for your supply chain by having end-to-end visibility and control of your cargo's every movement during the entire transport journey.

  • Heightened visibility

    Route Obtain door-to-door data close to real time wherever you may be, 24/7.

  • Close monitoring

    Container-Pin Stay on top of your cargo's GPS position, external temperature, as well as container movements such as shocks or door openings.

  • Simple process

    Gearing Easily installed, the device is delivered directly by APL to the requested depot.

  • Customized management

    Bell Customize alerts to receive data and notification on shipment milestones.

  • Optimize your supply chain

    Optimization Be alerted of anomalies in your supply chain so that you can take corrective actions to optimize your business and avoid unnecessary costs and resources.

How does it work?

Futuristic tracking of your shipment via seamless connectivity. An intuitive online platform provides easy access to shipment data and customization of notifications.
  • Containers equipped with SMART dry container devices are fully integrated in the CMA CGM group's container fleet.
  • CMA CGM Group can easily deploy empty containers equipped with SMART dry container technology upon booking confirmation. No extra effort is required from the shipper.